Lakehouse Property

The property needs to be treated with the utmost respect. Please be mindful that we are all guests and we must leave things the way they were or better than when we came. In addition, please do not use materials that do not belong to Makehouse and do not gather in areas Administrators wish to keep free of guests. 

Fellow Artists

Please be respectful and aware that there are others creating, living and sleeping in shared spaces. 


You are responsible for your living areas. This includes your linens and common areas. After dinners, participants will be asked to help clean up after the meal. Additionally, you will be assigned a clean-up task the final day of the retreat.

Illegal Substances

They are illegal. 


You must abide by all safety measures implemented by the administrators including using life jackets during boating, helmets during motoring, and only going swimming if you have someone with you to yell for help if you're drowning/being eaten by a snake. 


Any questions concerning the Lakehouse property, room or board, can be directed towards Mark Junek, Erin Debold, or Erin Byrne,. 

Work Ethic

Makehouse encourages all artists participating in retreats to remind themselves that this is a space for artistic growth and sanctuary. We do not structure your time, so we ask each and every artist to be responsible for making sure that they use their time at Makehouse wisely, efficiently, and with a conscious attempt to grow as an artist.